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Waiehu kou phase 3 association


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WAIEHU KOU PHASE 3 is located on the windward coast of west Maui along with phases 1, 2, and 4. This  Hawaiian Home Land site  is situated makai of the Kahikili Highway north of the Waiehu Beach Road intersection. Another  prominent landmark  in the area is the Waiehu Golf Coarse, which is makai of the sub-division, between it and the ocean.

MauiHawaiian Islands


Waiehu Kou Phase 3, Maui, Hawaii.


On January 28, 2005, the Waiehu Kou 3 subdivision on Maui came into existence. The first of 115 homes were turned over to their new owners by the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, (DHHL).

The Waiehu Kou 3 subdivision consists of two-, three- and four-

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1. Bylaws of Waiehu Kou Phase 3 Association Inc.

2. DCCRs of Waiehu Kou Phase 3 Association Inc.

3. Articles of Incorporation of Waiehu Kou Phase 3 Association Inc.

These Waiehu Kou Phase 3 Association Governing Documents are available to our members with an email request to waiehukouphase3association@hotmail.com. Please include in your request your name, Lot number, and street address, and the email address you want .pdf attachment to be sent to. These documents are also available to our members through our management company Commercial Properties of Maui Management, Inc.

Other important Waiehu Kou Phase 3 Association documents:

Waiehu kou phase 3 association

                 C/O Commercial properties of Maui management, INc.

To contact us:

             1962 Wells St. Ste. B

Wailuku, Hawaii 96793


                 Phone: 808-243-8600

Text Box: Waiehu Kou
Phase 3 Neighborhood Concerns

Member Issues that you would like to bring to the attention of the Board of  Directors. As Directors we are elected and are  responsible to the DHHL leasee on your homestead. We ask if you are serious about an issue or want to log a complaint you identify yourself and become part of a solution. State your concern and include your name, lot, and phone number. Please use one of the below listed methods of contact.

1. online at our email box waiehukouphase3
2. on our website's front page, left side is a turtle icon linked to our blog, on the first blog page right side top is a menu box labeled Links, in it click the choice Contact Me, and leave your message.
3. US mail, Waiehu Kou Phase 3 Association C/O Commercial Properties of Maui Management, Inc., 1962 Wells Street Ste B, Wailuku, HI. 96793
4. all Board of Directors phone numbers are listed on our website and community bulletin board.
5. the Hui Chief network in our neighborhood has also been use to bring your concerns to the Board.
6. we will soon provide a box on the bulletin board to receive correspondence.

Mahalo for your kind attention, 
Roy Oliveira
WKP3A, President

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WKP3 seeks DHHL approval through a ROE (Right of Entry) to start implementing a part of the published DHHL Central Maui Regional Plan and bring the land around the homestead under Association control for community use.

Waiehu Kou Phase 3 Association works to gain access to Land

Text Box: Please visit us on  Facebook Page, Click icon Link above. We shall have posts, surveys, instructional videos, feedback from

partners, and friends. Lets communicate.

Kaulana Na Pua

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Project KULEANA and Kamehameha Publishing.

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More WAZUP, more content, more that affects Beneficiaries, click here.

WKP3 Design & Review Forms, Approvals Required,

Step #1

All improvements to any exterior of a WKP3 lease requires a completed Design & Review form to be submitted to our Design & Review Committee for approval before any construction is initiated. DHHL Request for Improvements ( step #2) is also required as a prerequisite to any building in this Hawaiian Home Lands DCCR Homestead.

Next Aha Moku o Wailuku meeting for all committees is Monday, June, 30 at Paukukalo Hawn Homes Hall, 6:00pm. Everyone is invited to participate.

The Scholarship Committee photo below Kanai Kan Hai, Suzie Aki, Committee Chair Alyka Nakoa-Clark, Annie Au Hoon, and Maria Ornallas, not in picture June Stacey Eaton, Ulu Williams, Claire Hueu.


Scholarship Applications

Follow Link Below

Call 870-3220

Maui OHA meetings in Lahaina. A major beneficiary backlash to some trustees who did not side with CEO Kamana "opono M. Crabbe on his "controversial letter" to Secretary of State John Kerry. Clarifications need to be addressed, this is the real controversy. What is the truth?

OHA meeting on Oahu,

Nation Building, conflicting attitudes.


Prioritized issues of concern regarding the Hawaiian Nation Building Process as expressed at Paukukalo meeting.

Broken trust has been hard to heal  and OHA is hard pressed to make the argument to move on through without some solid assurances.

Text Box: Department of the Interior schedules meetings to review a Nation to Nation Status with a Hawaiian governing body, pay attention the out come will affect you and your ohana for generations. A big question here, where is the State Department who usually represent US interest with other Nations?

Na’aikane O Maui

Cultural Center to start classes soon

in Lahaina

Scholarship Application Accepted NOW until June 30, 2014

Application Period Extended

UH Maui College/SLIM

Korean Style Chicken Raising

Kamehameha Schools Explorations Field Trip to Waihe’e Valley, learning about the water shed, mauka to makai Ahu apua’a land divisions, aha Moku resource management, plus a nature hike, a great day all around with a great bunch of keiki.

Aha Moku o Wailuku Nature Hike with Kamehameha Schools Exploration Program

Text Box: Project Page: Regarding Usage of DHHL vacant Land in Waiehu Kou / 
Under Construction…..

Tuesday, July 8 Kahului – 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Pomaikai Elementary School, questions posed by Secretary Sally Jewell, Answers sought.

practitioners and the Aha Moku resource management representatives wanted more focus on their concerns. Preserving and protecting ocean resources through long ignored cultural practices. These Federal Agencies have only begun to engage with a people that can trace a long history to the stewardship of the ocean and land that surrounds them. We need to learn from each other, and it will take more interaction to build the trust.

Maybe what was actually presented and discussed was not what some of us were hoping to hear. The Hawaiian cultural

US Dept of Interior, BOEM, NOAA and the State of Hawaii are collaborating on mapping Ocean Usage throughout the state.

DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Office of the Secretary 43 CFR Part 50 lUN 1090-ABOS

Procedures for Reestablishing a Government-to-Government Relationship with the

Native Hawaiian Community [145D0102DM DS61400000 DLSNOOOOO.OOOOOO DX.61401]

Text Box: Argosy University Community Outreach, WKP3 Scholarship Sponsor
Text Box: Department of the Interior MAUI hearing Schedule

DOI web comments instructions /Regulation.gov  /

Search, Federal Register Number: 2014-14430 / Document Type / Public Submission.

DOI hearing in Keaukaha July 2, 2014 - Mililani Trask video

Links related to DOI upcoming Maui public hearings.

Go and be heard. Last Chance Mana’o

Saturday, July 5 -- Hana – 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Hana High and Elementary School

Monday, July 7 -- Lahaina – 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. King Kamehameha III Elementary School

Excellent historic power point presentation click, Dr. Keanu Sai 

bedroom homes. Of these, 79 were developer-built and the remaining 36, were owner-builder construction. The average size of each lot is 8,000 square feet, with homes ranging in cost from $99,850 to $235,850.

Our community is made up of a diverse cross section of native Hawaiians from Maui, other Hawaiian Islands, and the continental USA.

We enjoy a beautiful, breezy climate with a peaceful life-style. Waiehu Kou is connected by good roads, within close proximity to both Wailuku, the county seat, and Kahului, the commercial hub and main harbor on Maui. The roads north of the sub-division get narrow and zigzag as they pass through Waihe’e town going toward Kahakuloa and Lahaina.

Waiehu Kou Phase 3 and Paukukalo homesteads have joined together in a newly formed affiliation, called the Central Maui Hawaiian Home Lands Regional Organization, (CMHHLRO), whose purpose is to increase the exchange of information and cooperation among interested participants in DHHL’s Central Maui Regional Planning program. Our focus is the development of Pulehunui as a way to generate income for involved homesteads and DHHL’s operating expenses. Waiehu Kou 2 has shown an interest in this organization and we invite the other homesteads of central Maui, Waiehu Kou 1 and Waiehu Kou Phase 4 to join with us and engage in this process that promises to have a significant effect on our future.

We are thankful for Prince Kuhio's vision of returning the native Hawaiian people back to their aina and find truth in the saying, “Maui No Ka ‘Oi”.

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